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Dufour Grand Large 410
Courageous and innovative, the Grand’Large 410 is designed to simultaneously seduce the skipper and the crew. The helm area has been tuned to facilitate manuvering for the captain, while the crew enjoys a spacious cockpit, wide side decks and an expanded swim platform. Dufour’s designers have clearly focused on optimizing each space according to its function, enhancing the cruising experience for everyone. From the mooring to the windward mark, gracefullinesradiateelegance on every point of sail. The roof profile isbrightenedwith an LED lightingstrip, a freshstylingtouchthatwillsurely set the trend for future designs. An interior with unprecedented possibilities Living aboard the Grand’Large 410 is a pleasure that continuously reinvents itself. Everything is created to be reconfigured according to the time of day and desired setting. The navigation table, fully functional for sea passages, easily converts to a comfortable and adjustable sofa, perfect for on-board entertaining. The owners cabinis packed with cruising comforts but also transforms into a cinema room, optimized to enjoy sound and image. Every part of the boat offers multiple functions and differentcomfort levels. The most surprising innovations are discretely integrated, perfectly suited to a variety of purposes. The entire interioris a masterpiece, created by an ergonimic genius guided by intelligence, creativity and the drive to acheive absolute comfort.

Dufour Grand Large 380
EXTREMELY PRACTICAL The way space is handled The Grand’Large 380 has already made a name for itself. As soon as you put to sea, what strikes you above anything else is the cleverness with which the spaces are organized and complement each other to offer purity and practicality. The spaces work together in such a way that moving around on board is a dream. Even below decks, the lines and curves encourage generous sizing of the volumes and optimization of the light. A dream yacht. INTERNALLY YOURS The exquisite, carefully thought-out design

Dufour Grand Large 335
STYLE & DARING - Dufour thinks out the cruising codes with a new daring 33'. A suite of innovations for unique sailing sensations. The Grand'Large 335 gathers all the successful advantages of its big brother 375: SPACE, ERGONOMICS and COMFORT. Designed for long cruising, it stands out by a surprising organization and comfort for a boat of this size. Its wide open cockpit is revolutionary for a boat of this size providing space and comfort usually reserved for major ones.

Dufour Grand Large 310
DUFOUR 310 Grand Large - A Small Big Boat The Dufour Grand Large range continues to evolve, producing boats with a perfect balance between comfort, performance and timeless design. The strategy of Dufour Yachts, which has been producing boats for 50 years, is to increase its product portfolio, and now the range has been enriched with a 31 feet yacht containing details and technology typical of bigger boats. Particular attention has been posed in trying to simplify its use. The boat can also be fitted with a shallow keel, where the boat can self stand, ideal for lakes as well as specific areas of very shallow water. The new yacht is a fast cruiser whose waterlines, deck and interior design achieve a perfect balance. This is the result of the passion for the sea and care for details with which Dufour Yachts have obtained their position as an international market leader. The new Grand Large 310 provides unique pleasure when it comes to cruising: it is fast, lots of fun, well-balanced, comfortable and easy to steer, even for a single handed purpose. There are many reasons why this model is so special, starting with the project’s designers. Once again Dufour Yachts has relied on the talented and innovative design of Felci with whom the yard won both european and american yacht of the year with the Dufour 36 Performance last year. The Dufour 310 deck is an evolution of the latest design trend of the Dufour 410 and 500 inspired by the original “arpage” deck shape. The cockpit is pretty unique being the first one with double steering wheels as standard as well as double rudder blades to guarantee perfect boat balance and control even when heeled. The sail plan is presenting a high aspect ratio to maximize performance on one hand, while on the other the non overlapping self tacking jib guarantees maximum ease of use with a limited crew. The Dufour 310 has an internal layout divided into two cabins, an ample dinette and one bathroom. The precious oak materials have been entrusted to experts and skilful craftsmen. Particular attention has been paid to enhancing the flow of light, from the big hull and deck windows lots of natural light is guaranteed, which makes the interior a pleasure to live in. This boat reflects a discreet and comfortable concept of luxury. The Grand Large 310 embodies the lifestyle that Dufour has infused into its projects over the last 50 years, distinguished by an authentic passion for the sea, design, technology, performance and innovation, as well as safety.

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