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MCY 65
The aesthetic research invests the boat with a timeless, instantly recognisable, style and gives the yacht a highly naval allure. Classic elements are intelligently reinterpreted in a modern key. The result is cutting edge but not extreme in its design, reassuring, yet at the same time highly innovative. It is the Monte Carlo Yachts brand style. This is evident in the overall line of the boat and in its detail. In the profile, for example, so characteristic, thanks to its pulpit-less high flared bow. Present too in the portholes: an original touch, like a signature feature, the result of reinterpreting the classic bull's eye. Elegance and functionality come together, precisely as do the design and technical solutions. It is from this point of view that the new model epitomises all the characteristic appealing features of the range. The Portuguese bridge to the bow, the radar mast to support the flybridge T-top entirely of carbon fibre, the beautiful supports in glass and steel which protect the lateral walkways right up to the entrance to the saloon on the bulwark side: in 20 metres of length, it feels like being on board a megayacht. This impression is also reinforced by the interiors. The decor is refined, walnut and grey oak elements prevail, with brown and grey leather inserts, a slight hint of lacquer and costly fabrics. Materials and finishings which enhance generous and liveable spaces.

MCY 70
The Monte Carlo Yachts 70 epitomises the brand concept, right from the high flared bow, with easy entry into the water, and with those lines which make it fit in whether reflected in a Mediterranean bay or out on the ocean waves. But this model is full of special and previously unseen features: the distinctive nature of the MCY 70 can be best summarised by the sinuous flow between the profiles of the fly and the fashion plates, the unmistakable supports in glass and steel which represent one of Monte Carlo Yachts signature features, always skilled in reusing classic functional elements and reworking them in a contemporary way. The naval allure of the MCY 70 has a unique appeal. Even the on-board experience and the atmosphere of the interior environments have been designed to convey instant recognition. The appeal produced by the dimensions and materials has a particular touch of spontaneity, as if the beauty of the MCY 70 were a gift of nature, even before it was the result of the human creative process. The elements used are precious and have not undergone artificial treatments: the scratched teak for the flooring, the scratched oak and grey sycamore for the furnishings. The hides and marbles (Amani Bronze and Persian Limestone) impart the same sense of natural elegance through which, in filigrain, the quality of the boat's technological contents and the functionality of its design solutions can be read.

MCY 76
A 23 metre flybridge, the MCY 76 represents the new benchmark for luxury in its stylistic features and technological content. A real boat that develops classic elements into a new concept, shunning ostentation, to present a unique personality and maximum functionality. Its strong technical content and many innovations represent a clear distinctive feature of its design. Starting from the advanced keel structure: the self-supporting sandwich plating, together with longitudinal reinforcements (there are no floor plates), a bow crash box and extensive use of kevlar in the areas of greatest impact make the MCY 76's hull a solid but light shell, able to take to sea in safety. The infusion process extended to all components, even the smallest and most complex in shape, reduces weights and consumption (and for the same reason, most of the slats and interior flooring are in aluminium). The auto-trim, that is the automatic trim search through the use of interceptors, ensures comfort and plays its part in reducing consumption. The POD propulsion system, developed by ZF and with a multidirectional joystick, provides for precise and safe manoeuvrability. The modular construction of the interior is undertaken outside the hull, achieving a particularly advanced result. This choice has made it possible to completely do away with on-board adjustment operations and to achieve excellent quality standards, because the assembly tolerances are contained in the order of millimetres.

MCY 86
The technical contents blend with the aesthetic ones, the efficiency of the production exalts the care put into the manufacturing and the research into exclusive details. The best of Made in France and the best of Made in Italy. An approach confirmed by the contributions that big international names in fashion and style made to this yacht: the interiors are decorated with fabrics and materials by Hermès, Armani, Poltrona Frau and Pierre Frey. The naval design endows the new MCY 86 with the unmistakeable refined contemporary elegance of the Monte Carlo Yachts range. A classic, unique style, without concessions to retro taste or aerodynamic excesses. The new MCY 86 offers technical, living and aesthetic solutions that simply can’t be found in other boats of the same category. The aft area, fully sheltered by the extended flybridge, offers guests a large surface typical of larger boats. The presence of the steel and glass fashion plates, characteristic of Monte Carlo Yachts, further increases the feeling of onboard privacy. The Portuguese deck leads to a luxurious, reserved living room on the sea. A true lounge that adapts to the different uses during an entire day on board. The roomy surface area is ideal for large sunloungers, comfy sofas and a table for taking meals even in the shade, enjoying the view of the sea with family and guests in a space that is both open and private. You’re convinced you’re aboard a megayacht: no other boat under 30 metres is able to offer an area comparable to this one. The flybridge can be equipped with a large hydromassage tub. The bar area, the open-air galley and the numerous sunning and living areas can be sheltered by a carbon steel T-top with a power soft-top. The saloon confirms all the promises of the exterior spaces: the surface area and the volumes expand in a succession of luxurious, comfortable habitats, ideal for conversation, entertainment, rest or dinners with guests. The openable side platforms are another original element on an 86-footer. Available on both sides, they convert into exclusive terraces on the sea, offering an unrivalled open view of the horizon even from inside. The interior concept is embellished with accessories, fabrics and furnishing solutions offered by the most important names in international fashion and design. Costly woods and materials like the white alabaster of Volterra, cedarstone marble, moka cream limestone and hand-made Venetian mosaics of Murano glass make every room exclusive. The utmost comfort finds expression in the master cabin: a real full-beam suite with an ample study and a large walk-in closet.

Greenline 48
The latest and best from the Greenline range is the next green innovation that complements the current range of Greenline 33 and 40 while presenting new features: new interior design, NextGen Hybrid system, comfortable flybridge, two guest cabins, hydraulic platform, utility compartment under salon and many more.

AP 54 Fly
"The Austin Parker 54 Fly is the smallest Flying Bridge boat in the range, and stylishly incorporates spaces and details with traditional connotations combined with innovative solutions. The general lines are sturdy, with superstructures that are large but streamlined, to maintain the elegance of the overall layout. Travel on board is safe and relaxing, thanks to the carefully calculated balance between the driveline power and the keel lines."

AP 64 Fly
"Safe, elegant, powerful. The Austin Parker 64 Fly is designed for carefree cruising and relaxing holidays at sea. On this boat, the theory of expanded spaces becomes reality as never before, with solutions that make it extremely comfortable - the impression is of being on board a much larger yacht."

AP 72 Fly
"The Austin Parker 72 Fly is the range flagship, with extremely impressive reliability and performance. On board, it offers a combination of traditional features and modern solutions with latest-generation electronics. It is a refined, understated 22 metre yacht where the attractive, well proportioned lines incorporate the flying bridge without giving it undue weight: elegant, very spacious, with outstanding performance and excellent stability at sea. Perfect for lengthy cruises and well designed by Fulvio De Simoni for comfort even with large numbers of guests on board."

AP 42 Open
"The Austin Parker 42 Open, the range’s best-selling model, is extremely versatile, manoeuvrable and user-friendly. It is comfortable and convenient, capable of impressive performance, ideal for those in search of an exclusive craft, well finished and attractively designed, for both prestige and pleasure at sea. It has a sporty look with carefully styled details, elegant finishes and several different outfitting options. The number of units built and close cooperation with owners have enabled the yard to perfect the boat’s characteristics and improve details and finishes. "

AP 52 Open
"Solidity, safety and reliability combined with style and innovation: this sums up the Austin Parker 52 Open, with outstanding design values from the pen of Fulvio de Simoni. An elegant yacht that combines contemporary technology with classical, retro taste. "

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